Conterra Graders are an effective solution to maintain gravel roads, reclaim gravel and float / level any type of granular material such as loam, shale, clay or sand.

The twin grader blades and an open back design are the keys to operating efficiency and performance. Material accumulates between the twin blades to maximize downward cutting pressure and keep the blades in constant contact with the ground. This allows the grader to cut out high spots and carry the material to low spots. The open back design allows material to be constantly processed out the back, providing a uniform and level finish.

The grader cuts out gravel that has been packed in the road over time and brings it back to the surface. As the grader moves forward, material collects and mixes between the twin blades and starts to turn. This cyclonic turning action mixes and breaks apart the material in the hopper, allowing finer material to filter to the bottom and leaving gravel on the top of the surface where it belongs.

The grader provides constant control over the material being worked, helping to increase productivity. The Quick-Attach adapter, on the skid steer and tractor models, allows for excellent visibility and enables the operator to use the attachment in the float position to optimize performance.