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Haugen® Work Platforms are designed to keep your crew safe and are packed with the features you want in a work platform. Mesh floors, safety restraint tie down bars, industrial quality hinges and latches, door safety pins and heavy duty fork pockets on both the wide and narrow sides make this one of the best work platforms in the business!

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Model # Size Capacity Weight
MWP-4x4 4'x4' 2,000lbs 330 lbs
MWP-4x6 4'x6' 2,000lbs 390 lbs
MWP-4x8 4'x8' 2,000lbs 450 lbs
MWP-4x116 4'x9'8" 2,000lbs 500 lbs
MWP-4x10 4'x10' 2,000lbs 510 lbs
MWP-4x12 4'x12 2,000lbs 570 lbs
* The above numbers reflect the approximate weight of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please check your owners manual for specific lift capacities.



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