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  • 3 Point Hitch/PTO Brush Chipper
    • Built for tractors with a three point hitch. The BXS Wood Chippers are the perfect tool for homeowners or landscapers that need a PTO driven chipper to clean up brush and logs.
  • Dump Box
    • Built for skid steers. The Dump Box is perfect for the operator that wants to dramatically increase the volume of material their skid steer can move.
  • Engine Powered Brush Chipper
    • Pick up and go wherever you need it. Ideal for keeping job sites clean and tidy.
  • Extreme Duty Brush Mower
    • Built for most high flow skid steers. Heavy duty design makes this ideal for extreme applications. Open deck design allows for cutting of larger trees.
  • Log Splitter - Skid Steers
    • Built for skid steers. Allows for fast and easy log splitting for logs up to 36" long.
  • Log Splitter - Tractor Mount
    • Built for tractors with a 3 point hitch. Allows for fast and easy log splitting for logs up to 48" long.
  • Rotary Brush Mower
    • Built for skid steer and loaders with the universal mount, the Rotary Brush Mower has been engineered for rugged durability, safety and easy operation.
  • Seeder
    • Built for skid steers & compact tractors. Comes standard with a universal quick attach system AND a 3 point tractor hitch. Precision seed placement can cut up to 50% of the seed rates previously used which leads to huge saving in grass seed.
  • Skid Steer Brush Chipper
    • Built for skid steers and tractors with the universal quick attach. This attachment is ideal for commercial, residential, orchards, golf courses, etc. Any place you need to turn a pile of branches into a pile of chips.
  • Stump Grinder
    • Built for skid steers and loaders with the universal mount. The Stump Grinder is the choice for arborists, large contractors, landscapers and maintenance departments for fast and efficient stump removal. This unit features an offset cutting wheel for better visibility.
  • Stump Removal Bucket
    • The Stump Removal Bucket is an excellent solution for digging out stumps, roots, and rocks.
  • Tree Shear
    • Built for skid steers and loaders with a universal mount. The Tree Shear is ideal for clearing a wooded lot or selectively cutting unwanted trees or shrubs. The Tree Shear also works great for trimming trees and shrubs.
  • Tree Shovel
    • Fits most late model skid steers. Ideal for digging and transplanting trees & shrubs. New open back design allows operator to engage the shovel into the ground on the leading edge of the tree then continue all the way under the rootball and up the other side, then roll back to the center of the rootball and simply lift the tree out of the hole.
  • Tree Spade Hydraulic
    • Built for skid steers and loaders with the universal mount. The Tree Spade can dig a tree and plant it without the operator ever having to leave the loader.
  • Tree/Rock Handler
    • Built for use on skid steers and loaders. Ideal for safe and efficient balled and burlaped (B&B) tree and rock / stone handling, this unit is a real labour saver.



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