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Conterra Arena Max

76" - $3,795.00
88" - $3,897.00
112" - $3,995.00

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  • The Arena Max is designed for use on any tractor equipped with a three point hitch.
  • The Arena Max is an excellent solution for efficient and economical arena, ground and shelter belt maintenance.
  • The cutting depth of the Arena Max is easily adjusted from 0" to 6" of depth using a top wind jack, once positioned will maintain a consistent cutting depth over the entire arena.
  • You do not have to adjust each scarifier tooth like on some other brands.
  • The Arena Max is fitted with a front planer bar, this bar adjusts itself automatically in relation to the depth control system and constantly helps to float and level the arena.
  • The scarifier shanks are laser cut from 3/4" steel plate and are fitted with bolt on scarifier teeth made from hardened steel.
  • The rear comb, which can be adjusted in seconds using a side wind jack, floats and levels the surface leaving an attractive finish.
  • The rear comb plates are laser cut from 1/2" AR400 abrasion resistant steel for added durability.
  • The Arena Max is available in three models and has comb widths from 76, 88 & 112".
  • The Arena Max frame is constructed using 3"x3" & 4"x4" square tube and braced with laser-cut cross ribs that are fabricated from 3/8" plate.
  • The Arena Max comes with premium tires and ezee-lube hubs.
  • Durable paint finish.



Model #



Frame Width Comb Width Frame Length Frame Height Scarifier Teeth Approx. Weight
CAM 76 35-50 36.5" 76” 54” 32.5” 9 779 lbs.
CAM 88 50-75 36.5" 88" 54” 32.5” 11 930 lbs.
CAM 112 75+ 36.5" 112" 54" 32.5" 13 1130 lbs.


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