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Conterra Arena Groomer

76" - $3,898.00
88" - $3,999.00
112" - $4,229.00



Finally, an affordable solution for effective and efficient arena and track grooming and maintenance!


  • The Arena Shark is designed for use on any tractor equipped with a three point hitch
  • The Arena Shark is an excellent solution for efficient and economical arena, ground and shelter belt maintenance
  • The Arena Shark comes standard with a depth control gauge, which is easily adjusted from 0" to 6" depth using a top wind jack. Once positioned will maintain a consistent cutting depth over the entire arena
  • You do not have to adjust each scarifier tooth like on some other brands
  • The Arena Shark is fitted with a floatation bar, this bar adjusts itself automatically in relation to the depth control system and constantly helps to float and level the arena
  • The scarifier shanks are laser cut from 3/4" steel plate and are fitted with bolt on scarifier teeth made from hardened steel
  • The rear arena comb which is easily adjusted in seconds using a side wind jack, floats and levels the surface leaving an attractive finish
  • The rear comb plates are laser cut from 1/2" AR400 abrasion resistant steel for added durability
  • The Arena Shark is available in three models and has comb widths from 76, 88 & 112"
  • The Arena Shark is constructed using 3"x3" tubular frame and braced with laser-cut cross ribs that are fabricated from 3/8" plate
  • The Arena Shark comes with premium tires and ezee-lube hubs
  • Durable Black Paint finish




Model # Comb Width Length Horse Power Required Weight
CAS 76 76” 56.25” 18 to 25 HP 1012 lbs.
CAS 88 88” 56.25” 25 to 40 HP 1130 lbs.
CAS 112 112” 56.25” 35 to 60 HP 1230 lbs.


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