"I know you're not short on pics, but just wanted to show you how good the forks look on Schroeder, my loader. Very nice combo"


Whitehorse, YT


"Three years ago I purchased a snow push for my 130 horsepower farm tractor, for use in clearing the farm yard as well as to keep the half mile driveway open from the County road to the farm yard. It is very efficient for yard clean-up and has proven to be very strong, even when breaking up frozen snow piles, made during earlier clean-up work. It is not the perfect unit for the long driveway but has suited our needs very well when doing both driveway and yard clearing.

Thought I would send a note from a 'satisfied customer' as I'm sure those with complaints don't hesitate to let you know!"


Edmonton, Alberta

conterra snow push conterra snow push



"I used the trailer hitch lastnight (in the wind and rain). It worked great, and helped me solve a difficult trailer problem. So far, we are delighted with both of our attachments and look forward to being able to buy something else from Conterra this summer."

Doug D.


"I got my shipment today and gave both peices a try. The grader seems to work well, but I didn't use it much. I love the stump bucket! I'm popping stumps in just a couple of minutes!!"

Dave T.


"Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the arena groomer with the shovels. Works super fast and on the hard packed dirt ate it up and spit it out!"

Sonya S.


"Hey. Long overdue praise for your team.

We bought an arena drag you made for our four wheeler off you.

We use it to drag our outdoor and indoor riding arena It's very well made and it works great.

Well done, thanks"

Mark Perry


26 Spruce Park Drive
Strathmore, Alberta