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  • Built for skid steers
  • Ideal for fast and effective high volume snow handling
  • Laser cut viewing slots in back of blade increase operator visibility and reduce risk of property damage
  • Quad Formed Back - dramatically increases the rigidity of the snow push
  • Adjustable and replaceable AR400 steel skid shoes and mount plates
  • 3/16” back wrapper and 3/8” plate side plate
  • Optional pull back edge for access to hard to reach places
  • 1/4” steel plate corner gussets for additional side plate support
  • 5/8” x 6” carbon steel beveled bolt on cutting edge has two sets of mounting holes to increase blade wear
  • Debris shields protect skid shoe bolts from icing and becoming covered with debris
  • Durable black paint finish



Model # Blade Width Blade Height Approx. Weight
SP 84 84” 36” 1020 lbs.
SP 96 96” 36” 1070 lbs.
SP 108 108” 36” 1200 lbs.
SP 120 120” 36” 1250 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers and loaders. Please see your owners manual for specific lift capacities.





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