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The Best Snow Blower in the Industry is now even better!! This snow blower meets the tough demands of your skid steer loader, throwing snow up to 40' and clearing snow down to the ground. "Off the shelf" snow blowers don't take YOUR skid steers hydraulic pressure of rate of flow . Conterra blowers are built to match your hydraulic pressure and flow, giving you vastly improved performance.


  • Built for mini skid steer, skid steers and compact loaders with a universal quick attach
  • This blower is a proven performer in tough conditions
  • The Snow Blower is a two stage blower with direct drive hydraulic auger and blower motors that supply excellent power and increase casting distance
  • Replaceable bolt on high carbon-steel cutting edge adjusts the cutting aggression and acts as a wear plates
  • Built in hydraulic pressure relief valve eliminates the need for a shear pin and reduces down time
  • Hydraulic control valve with electric solenoid controls all chute functions
  • Depth is easily-adjustable by the skid shoes
  • Chute rotation of 270 degrees
  • Available in a widths from 53” to 85”
  • Durable paint finish


PLEASE NOTE: Before purchasing your snow blower be sure to consult your dealer about the exact specification of your skid steer, tractor or loader. Ensuring a good match between the psi and gallons per minute of your skid steer and your snow blower will generate optimal performance.



Model # Available Cutting Width Mount Plate Cutting Height Cutting Edge Auger Diameter Fan Diameter Casting Distance Hyd. Flow Req. Approx. Weight
SBLR-ES 2010 55”,61",73" ,79",85" Univ 29” 5/8"x6" 16” 20” 4-blade up to 30’ 11-25 GPM 748- 850lbs
SBBL-ES 2400 73” / 85” Univ. 36” 5/8 x 6” 18” 24” 4 - blade up to 40’ 24-42 GPM 1,100 lbs.
SBLR-ES2400XL 73” / 85” Univ. 36” 5/8 x 6” 18” 24” 4 - blade up to 40’ 30-50 GPM 1,300 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please see your owners manual for specific lift capacities.


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