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  • Built for skid steers and compact loaders with a universal quick attach
  • The Power Angle Broom is designed for heavy-duty sweeping of dirt, snow and debris
  • Available in a 68” and 84” width
  • Broom is hydraulicly adjustable and can be moved 25 degrees in both directions
  • Brooms offer an array of wiring harnesses to fit any machine
  • The torsion suspension assists the operator in keeping consistent and correct bristle position and down-pressure in uneven areas and reduces excessive bristle wear
  • Broom is driven directly by a hydraulic motor
  • Broom wafers are 32” in diameter and are a poly steel blend for longer bristle life
  • Equipped with a storage stand
  • Durable paint finish

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Model # Broom Width Broom Adjustment Blade Width @ 25 Degree Angle 32" Diameter Bristle Sections Hydraulic Flow Required Approx. Weight
PAB 68 68 Hydraulic 63” 33 zig zag / 2 straight 10 to 20 GPM 715 lbs.
PAB 84 84 Hydraulic 77” 40 zig zag / 2 straight 10 to 20 GPM 775 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please see your owners manual for specific lift capacities.


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