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With direct drive from the engine all the way through the heavy duty gear box to the teeth the MF860 delivers ultimate cutting power. This could be the greediest Brush Fire to date, when paired with a 70 HP tractor with hydrostatic drive this hungry mulcher is ready to devour brush up to 6 inches in diameter. Its appetite is not satisfied above ground, because of the higher torque you can adjust this monster to mulch below grade. The MF860 is not limited to reverse only, drive forward over your mulch and turn it into dust. Also unique on the PTO Brush Fire is the opening cutting shield, this allows you to adjust for a better high angle of attack on bigger brush or keep it closed and control the mulch for even finer results. Trails and fence lines won't know what hit them.


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Model # Path Width Rotor Width Max Eng HP Min Eng HP 540 Max Brush Size Cutting Depth # of Cutters Slashes/ Second Hitch Type Hitch Size System Protection Shipping Size(LxWxH) Unit Weight
MF 860 75" 60" 70 HP 45 HP 540 6" 1.5" Above to 1" Below Grade 126 7560 3pt Hitch CAT II Slip Clutch 80"x48"x65" 2150 lbs


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