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Operator comfort and precise maneuvers are what set apart Brush Fire skid steer models. Built with you in mind before you even get in the machine. Using industry standard quick attach and quick couplers (standard on A450 and B550 motors) your Brush Fire is hooked up in less than a minute. A Step Point with grip pad also makes getting in a whole lot easier. Once you are in the cab the full controls are at your command. The easily viewable gauges give you the information you need to optimize your cutting results. The hydraulic system is designed with flex couplers to prolong life by protecting the motor bearing. The super strength timer belt is designed to drive the rotor without slipping while the built in relief valves protect the system all without the need to stop and change a shear pin. The Brush Fire hydraulic drive allows you to move slowly if the terrain and obstacles demand it, without compromising the clearing performance. Mounted on the boom the Brush Fire can reach high and hungrily mulch down from the top. The view of the action is right in front of you, so sit back relax and prepare to lay waste to whatever is in your path.



Model # Path Width Rotor Width Max Eng HP Min Eng HP Max Brush Size Cutting Depth # of Cutters Slashes/ Second Hitch Type Hitch Size System Protection Shipping Size(LxWxH)
MF 548 62" 48" Check GPM & PSI 35 HP 5" 1.5" Above to 1" Below Grade 104 2750 - 6700 Skid Steer Univ. Built-in Relief 64"x36"x40"
MF 760 75" 60" Check GPM & PSI 60 HP 10" 1.5" Above to 1" Below Grade 126 4620 - 8400 Skid Steer Univ. Built-In Relief 80"x48"x65"
* The above numbers reflect the weight of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please check your owners manual for specific lift capacities.


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