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Finally an affordable solution for effective and efficient road maintenance & land levelling!

The CONTERRA GRADER is one of the most efficient ways to maintain gravel roads and float and level any type of granular material such as loam, shale, clay and sand.


The CONTERRA GRADER is NOT a conventional box scraper. Conterra’s twin grader blades and open back designs are the keys to the unequalled operating efficiency and performance.


The CONTERRA GRADER connects easily to many different pull vehicles including:

    • tractors with three point hitch from 25 to 120+ horse power in widths from 4’ to 10’
    • skid steers from 30 to 100 horse power in widths from 5’ to 7’


MAXIMIZE DOWNWARD CUTTING PRESSURE - The CONTERRA GRADER uses the weight of the material being graded against itself to maximize downward cutting pressure and improve performance. The secret is in the collection of material between its Twin Grader Blades. The accumulation of this material can increase the weight of the grader by as much as 2500lbs on a 7’ blade. This will allow the operator the ability to effectively cut, form, or contour almost any type of material including gravel, shale, loam, clay, or sand... on any surface. The large volume of material collected and carried dramatically improves the floating and levelling performance of the grader.


Unlike a conventional box scraper or straight blade, the CONTERRA GRADER’S twin cutting blades are in constant contact with the cutting surface. With a conventional box scraper once the unit is full of material the only way to get the material out of the unit is to lift the cutting edges off the ground. Also as the conventional box scraper fills with material they have a tendency to start to ride over material and again lose contact with the cutting surface.


The CONTERRA GRADER in contrast accumulates material on top of the blade which in turn constantly drives the cutting blades into the ground. The grader’s open back allows material to constantly be processed out the back of the grader, which in turn levels with amazing ease and uniformity.



CYCLONIC CHURNING ACTION - As the CONTERRA GRADER moves forward, material collects between the Twin Graders Blades and starts to churn. The Cyclonic Churning Action mixes and breaks apart the material in the hopper and starts to process it out the back of the grader with amazing uniformity. This process also acts like a sieve that allows the finer material to fall between the Twin Grader Blades. The end result is that the gravel is always placed back on top of the road where it belongs.


RECYCLES GRAVEL - You may never have to buy gravel again. The CONTERRA GRADER actually lifts out gravel that has been packed in a road over time and brings it back to the surface. The more you work a road, the more gravel you will retrieve.


SPEED & EFFICIENCY - By design, the CONTERRA GRADER continuously floats and levels material while moving in both directions. By maintaining constant control over the material being worked, the operator can greatly increase productivity.


SKID STEER ADAPTER - The CONTERRA GRADER’S Quick attach Skid Steer Adapter allows for excellent visibility and also enables the operator to run in the full float position to optimize performance.


FLOAT, LEVEL & TRANSPORT MATERIAL - The CONTERRA GRADER can be used to cut down high spots, and then carry this material in the hopper until it can be deposited in a low spot. This feat is not possible with conventional types of levelling implements such as harrows and cultivators.



  • Connects easily to a tractors and skid steers
  • Leaves no windrows
  • Simple and efficient to operate
  • Easy to maintain - no moving parts
  • No hydraulic hoses or rams
  • Uses standard grader blades
  • Adjustable cutting blades allow for wear
  • Available in widths from 4’ to 10’
  • Fits tractors from 25 to 150 horsepower & skid steers from 30 to 120 horsepower
  • Skid Steer mount fits all major brands
  • Skid shoes are reversible and replaceable
  • Replaceable hardened steel wear patches on skid shoes increase life
  • Maneuverable in confined spaces
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure quality and durability
  • Durable black paint finish



Model Grader Width Hopper Height Blade Position Grader Weight Horse Power*

18S-SS Series (for use with skidsteers (SS) only)

518S-SS 5 ft. 18” Straight 690lbs 35 - 55
618S-SS 6 ft. 18” Straight 740lbs 55 -100
718S-SS 7 ft. 18” Straight 890lbs 70 -100

18A-SS Series (for use with skidsteers (SS) only)

518A-SS 5 ft. 18” Angled 800lbs 35 - 55
618A-SS 6 ft. 18” Angled 850lbs 55 -100
718A-SS 7 ft. 18” Angled 990lbs 70 -100
18 Series (for use with skidsteers (SS) and tractors (TR))
418S-TR** 4 ft. 18” Straight 750lbs 20 - 30
518A-TR 5 ft. 18” Angled 800lbs 25 - 35
618A-TR 6 ft. 18” Angled 850lbs 30 - 40
718A-TR 7 ft. 18” Angled 990lbs 35 - 50
Note: graders for use on tractors & skid steers model number is SS/TR
24 Series (for use on tractors (TR) with three point hitch)
824A-TR 8 ft. 24” Angled 1650lbs 50 - 60
924A-TR 9 ft. 24” Angled 1800lbs 65 - 75
1024A-TR 10 ft. 24” Angled 1950lbs 85 - 95

* These are approximate horse power ratings only.

** 418S -”S” denotes straight blade model other sizes available by special order.



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