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  • Built for skid steers, compact tractors and loaders with the universal mount plate
  • This attachment does it all ...grading, digging, loading, grappling, debris clean up and dumping
  • Its interlocking serrated teeth in the grapple can hold objects for easy transport and placement
  • The bucket can be used to meter out materials like gravel for efficient placement
  • By opening the grapple the bucket can be used as a doser for fast and efficient grading in forward or reverse
  • Bucket clam shell and bottom are reinforced for increased durability
  • Powered by two 3” x 8” hydraulic cylinders
  • Bucket has three cutting edges, 1 - 3/4” x 6” front edge and 2 - ½”x 4” rear edges
  • All pivot points are serviceable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Durable black paint finish

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  • Bolt on double bevel cutting edge or pin on teeth or tooth bar



Part # Model # Bucket Width Struck Capacity Weight
900523 SOB-66 66” 8.61 cu. ft. 800 lbs.
900525 SOB-72 72” 9.42 cu. ft. 840 lbs.
900527 SOB-80 80” 10.10 cu. ft. 900 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers or loaders. Please see your owners manual for specific operating and lift capacities.


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