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  • Built for skid steers and compact loaders with a universal quick attach
  • The Pick Up Broom is designed to clean up any job site or industrial yard, whether sweeping dirt or gravel, or scraping mud this is the attachment for you
  • Ideal for warehouses, equipment sheds, parking lots, job sites, etc, where dust containment is a must
  • The Pick Up Broom uses its poly / steel bristles to sweep debris into its bucket and then can be easily dumped
  • Broom is reversible and can be run either in forward or reverse
  • Broom is driven directly by a hydraulic motor
  • Adjustable arbor allows control over bristle pressure to surface while extending bristle life
  • Outfitted with a replaceable cutting edge
  • Unit has front rubber dust shield and is completely enclosed to control dust
  • Available in 72” and 84” widths
  • Optional Curb Sweeping attachment is sold separately
  • Durable paint finish

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Model # Width Height Wafer Diameter # of Wafers Hyd. Motor Flow Weight
PUB 72 72” 22.38” 24” 38 13-25 GPM 720 lbs.
PUB 84 84” 22.38” 24” 44 13-25 GPM 800 lbs.
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, and may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please see your owners manual for specific lift capacities.



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