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  • Efficient and effective arena maintenance for tractors with a three-point hitch.
  • Designed for use in sandy or sandy-loam soil conditions with a focus on top dressing and superior subsurface preparation.
  • Conterra's Revolutionary Depth Control System adjusts your Arena Shark, grooming your entire arena at the same pre-set depth every pass.
  • Depth Control can be adjusted between 0" and 5".
  • The front Floater Bar works in conjunction with the depth control wheel and automatically adjusts to arena conditions for superior floating and levelling.
  • Danish Style S-Tines are equipped with easy-to-change 7" wide sweeps and are positioned to overlap, leaving an excellent subsurface.
  • The Arena Comb is easily adjusted using the side-wind jack, it floats, levels and packs your arena leaving a fresh finish every time.
  • The extremely durable Arena Comb is laser cut out of hardened 3/8" plate steel.
  • Engineered with a heavy duty tubular frame, constructed out of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" steel.
  • It is fitted with two wide floatation tires and easy lube hubs.
  • Conterra's Arena Shark is available in three sizes, 76", 88" and 112".
  • Durable Paint Finish.
  • Options: Can be fitted with a wall wheel.




Model # Comb Width Length Horse Power Required Weight
CAS 76 76" 56.25" 18 to 25 HP 1012 lbs.
CAS 88 88" 56.25" 25 to 40 HP 1130 lbs.
CAS 112 112" 56.25" 35 to 60 HP 1230 lbs.


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